Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kitchen Demolition

Cinco de Mayo, 2012

The dumpster came on Friday, meaning that the majority of the weekend was spent tearing out the kitchen. But we started out by visiting Colonial Granite and Marble in King of Prussia...

It's called Giallo Ornamental.  Pretty pretty, eh?  :)

So on to demolition...

Big thanks to Emily, Angie and Chris for their help. Couldn't have done it without them!
Emily beating the crap out of a wall.
Angie wearing the crap outta those sun glasses (eye protection?)

And Chris beat the crap out of... everything.  Honestly, he karate chopped... everything.

And progress was made by all!
Dining room ceiling removal; there were two big nests (bees?) in there. Gross!

Dining room ceiling and wall gone

We tried to save the "pretty" tiles for Angie... but alas, no luck.

The entrance between the two... time to finally be one room!

Dave in the background wreaking havoc on the soffit.  I already wreaked havoc on that wall.

Turns out tearing down ceilings is "fun." (His word, not mine!)

And in case straight demo wasn't enough, we also removed carpeting in the LR so now there are no finished floors in the entire main part of the house!


Next plans:
Remove the rest of the cabinets and replace the kitchen subfloors next weekend.
Sub contractors are coming May 16th
Once they're gone, it's time to rebuild this motha!


  1. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT is INSANE!!! You're going to LOVE your new kitchen! And your NEW floors!! The granite is beautiful!! It's all kinda ugly and dusty right now, but keep your eyes on the prize!!

  2. And Mike says, "have fun stormin' the castle!"