Saturday, June 2, 2012

Week 3: Contractors and Dumpster

I know this was a few weeks ago but here's the quick update from Mid-May...

The contractors (electrician and plumber) did their first rounds of work on the kit/DR combo...

Electrical included 9 can lights, a new living room light, chandelier, 2 pendant lights, and moving the outlets all around (oh yeah... and having to completely switch out the electrical panel! but that's slightly unrelated)

The plumber moved the sink lines down and rotated them and moved the water line for the fridge and gas line for the stove.

The dumpster came the following day and check out how full it is!

Sink fittings rotated to other side of wall

Drain line ran through bulkhead; it had to be re-run so that it could go behind the drywall.

New plumbing! (and new mess)

At first we thought this might be a bit too big... turns out we picked the perfect size!
Not many pictures of plumbing rough-ins but here's one of our can lights.  (and a new water line)

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