Friday, April 6, 2012

And the problems begin

It's been the week from h e double hockey sticks. 

We ordered all of our cabinets (YAY!) and thought we were ready to get starting but we hit not one but TWO big road blocks. First, we found out that Dave is moving to second shift which means we'll have no time together to be working on the kitchen on week nights.  I took a lot of pride in the bathroom knowing that we worked on it together. I hate working alone, and I don't want him to do all the work! I think this became a weekend project. (ewww)

To add insult to injury, our project may have grown significantly.  We hadn't really thought (isn't that where most problems start?) about how we'd remove the tiles. It seemed easy enough, but it turns out the 12x12 ugly green and beige tiles are attached using thinset onto a cement board onto more thinset onto the subfloor.  If we are able to pull up the tiles, we'll have to find a way to get through all of that mortar but more likely, I think we may be looking at replacing the subfloor completely in the hallways and current kitchen.

As of right now, we've done minor demo but we're just trying to do what we can before we actually "start" the remodel.  We have yet to book our sub contractors or the dumpster (another stumbling block... I'm sure I'll write about that soon!) and yet we have a giant hole in the wall and a quarter of our DR floors are up.


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