Saturday, April 28, 2012

Delivery Date

 We got our cabinets earlier this week and picked up our flooring from Lancaster today.  Since we needed to rent a truck anyway, we also went ahead and picked up our drywall (22 pieces!) and the rest of the plywood for the floors, plus a miter saw (YAY!) and the underlayment.  We rocked the 10% off coupon at Home Depot but still hit about 7% of our budget--just on building materials! Ouch.  We are 70% to our max budget and haven't gotten our countertops.

Our cabinets, minus the few that we put into the new kitchen to see how she looks.  Dave lost his Camara spot :)

New flooring - 22 boxes, with some pieces laid out to see how it looks.

The garage! See all of our plywood and 22 sheets of drywall?!
I've always wanted one. Shhhh - don't tell Dave. I convinced him it was a necessity.

Once we got the cabinets, we opened up the pantry and started to clear out the dishes.  See how empty these are?

Just to talley - a total of about 7 cabinets mostly emptied, with the exception of frequently used stuff.

And it all fits into our 18" pantry!!!! WOO HOO! Let the fun times begin.

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