Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekend Warriors: Our new subfloor

Over the weekend (April 6-9) we removed all of the tile (the green is gone!) and then removed the subfloor beneath it in some parts. We're not done, but here's our progress!

Our kitchen... horrible floors, yeah?

We looked for this wallpaper at home improvement stores but couldn't find anything to match.  I guess that striped look is out? Who knew.

Our closet; the first to get tiles removed

Dave reading directions to the jackhammer

The beast.  20 lb jackhammer from Home Depot.

First ripping stuff up.

Moving down the hall.  Gosh that tile was a beast.

We're going to need a dumpster soon! And that's not even half of the pile. Check in to the next blog page to see the old subfloors out and the new subfloors in! (See, I'm a great blogger because I keep y'all on the edge of your seats and wanting more)

UPDATE:  4/28/12
Here are the rest of the photos from that weekend.   The subfloors in the halls are all cut and in place, but need to be nailed and glued still, which should get done as soon as we are done with the dumpsters and the kitchen cabinets have been cleared out.

That's the garage door (closest) and basement door (further away) and looking into the kitchen.

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