Sunday, April 8, 2012

Original Pics

Here are some pics of the original house, before work was done!

Dining Room -The hutch is extra storage, since we don't have enough in the kitchen.  Beautiful new windows, though, eh?

Fridge... blocking the doorway.  Notice the sweet Ikea storage on our wall.

sink, dishwasher, and another 9" of storage. Those bulk heads are going soon, too :)

Yes, this is what you see when you walk through the hall. Giant fridge blocking doorway, and garbage right in front for lack of anywhere else to stick it.  And I admit that I have a drinking problem (Diet Dr. Pepper)

The only place to stick our dish drying rack is to the left of the sink.  Which is under the cabinets. Which sucks, especially with big dishes that need drying.  Really this is just catastrophic and sad.

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